Beate's 30th birthday...
Themeparty - dress up as a different nationality than your own!


Believe it or not; this beautiful geisha turned 30 the 7th of February

Anne, Pacific Islander from the Cook Islands

Aina from Fiji and the African-American Brynja arrived early to the party

Greg the great Scotsman

Gypsy Kylie, Samoaaaan Kevin, Russian Andrea and Heddi, Lisa, Anne&Cato with a big birthday gift for Beate

Wow, a bamboo lamp to bring back home to Norway

Arigato Gozhaimasu

Beate and her lamp

Fatima alias Viviana in a trendy burka for the occasion

Anders alias Sheik Ben Redikk Fy Fasan and Fatima are having a little argument...

Peace is restored

Fatima is seeking comfort from June, the Greek goddess

...and June gives the Sheik some words of wisdom

Sheik x 2, Henrik the rich and mighty takes care of some important business issues

Gypsy Kylie shows off her Poi skills

So does Amy the Maori princess. She made the outfit herself for the evening - impressive

A multi-national gang

Odile and Garreth, another Pacific Islander and a Russian

The geisha handled her hostess duties remarkably well

Culture bonding - Maori and Japanese

...and the Pacific Islands and Japan


Kylie, Olli, Heddi & Kevin relaxing inside the house

The Pacific Island couple

Bula! Cato and Greg - Fiji meets Scotland

Cato and Henrik

Pinjata time - Beate is the first one to give it a shot

Anne with Norwegian-Irish-Samoaaaaan Kevin


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